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     I am known in the high-end audio world as Larry D. Diaz from High-End Palace, a specialty audio place in Miami, Florida, USA, that sells and installs the finest high-end audio systems in the world. I am a serious audiophile with over 30 years of hands-on experience, a pretty talented musician who plays multiple instruments, and a perfectionist engineer always striving to improve music reproduction to a new level. In my pursuit to build high-performance music systems that make me feel like I am in the presence of live music, I had to write my own book on sound reproduction because conventional audio systems and loudspeaker designs used in the last sixty years did not get me there.

I have extensive knowledge of selling and installing the absolute best high-end loudspeakers and components in the world. Additionally, I have participated in and attended most high-end audio shows, including CES, AXPONA, Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, CEDIA, High-End Munich over the last three decades, and have experience in audio engineering, music mastering, film sound engineering/advisory, and recording studio production.

With Simply Epic Audio Systems, I am bringing something new—an unknown level of realism in music reproduction. These exclusive designs are my interpretation of what true world-class sound reproduction should be, and they should be used as a reference since they provide a unique listening experience that causes instant fascination with passionate music lovers, audiophiles, music aficionados, musicians, singers, and professionals in the music business industry.

I managed to do this with my dream team, a small group of talented professionals and artists with specialized skills to create the best monitors, loudspeakers, and music systems ever built. I hope you can see and feel my passion through this product, my fascination for quality, and my obsession to achieve the absolute best music reproduction since this is the end of the road, my friend, the mountain top, your last audio purchase, as we provide the absolute best experience with a sound quality you can only feel and hear with our ultra high-end monitors, loudspeakers, and music systems.

Let's build something truly special together,
Larry D. Diaz - President (CEO)
Simply Epic Audio Systems
Tel: 786 388-8050
E-mail: sales@highendpalace.com