I am known in the high-end audio world as Larry D. Diaz, a serious audiophile, musician, engineer, and owner of High-End Palace, a specialty audio place in Miami, Florida, USA. In my personal pursuit to build high performance music systems that makes me feel like I was in the presence of live concert I had to write my own book of sound reproduction because the conventional loudspeaker designs used in the last sixty years did not get me there.

With Simply Epic I am bringing something new to the table, an unknown world in sound reproduction, a totally new meaning to the word realism. These made to order loudspeakers and music systems provides such breathtaking experience that it causes instant fascination to passionate music lovers, audiophiles, music aficionados, musicians, singers, and professionals in the music business industry.

I personally have decades of experience in high-end audio. Over the past thirty years, I have listened, sold and owned the best of the best in loudspeaker designs. Besides listening and providing the best components and loudspeakers to friends and customers all over the world for over thirty years, I been to most audio shows yearly for the past three decades. Besides that, I am also a pretty talented musician that plays multiple instruments, also have done engineering for live music, recording studio, music mastering, film sound reproduction advisor and music production.

These tailored made to order loudspeakers and music systems feature my exclusive designs and vision of what sound reproduction should be. They features world-class engineering with exclusive Reference, Statement or Masterpiece active crossovers, custom high-end drivers isolated in advanced cabinetry structures available in exquisite finishes in exotic woods, Italian leather, and high-end paint finishes with your choice of solid brushed trims with exclusive leveling spikes in solid aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper or titanium.

With my vision and experience along with my dream team, a gifted crew that I put together over the years of being in high-end audio meeting the right people and traveling all over the world I manage to put together a small crew with special skills and talent to build truly unique music systems matched with world-class stereo amplifiers and mono amplifiers to provide the absolute best and most advanced future-proof music and sound reproduction systems ever built that provides an out of this world experience that you can only feel and hear with our limited production SE loudspeakers and ultra high-end music systems.

Let's built something epic together,
Larry D. Diaz
President (CEO)
Simply Epic Audio
Tel: 786 388-8050
E-mail: sales@highendpalace.com